CCEM launches poster campaign for clean elections | MorungExpress

Members of the CCEM at the launch of the poster campaign for a clean electoral movement at the CBCKMH, Kohima, April 26

Kohima, April 26 (MExN): Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) Chakhesang Clean Elections Movement (CCEM) launched a poster campaign on Tuesday during its third session at Chakhesang Baptist Church Ministers Hill in Kohima .

The poster campaign is part of CCEM’s initiative to raise awareness about the right to vote and clean elections, he said in a press note. The poster campaign was launched by Reverend Khrotso Mero, Executive Secretary of CBCC, invoking God’s blessing for the successful implementation of the Clean Election Movement.

During his session, members reaffirmed the CCEM guidelines formulated in 2017. He discussed establishing standards/parameters to be followed when carrying out clean election movement at all levels. The house also reiterated the need to follow Christian principles when carrying out action plans. He called on leaders, especially church workers, to speak the truth and base their teachings on the Bible.

In addition, the house offered a tour of the region in the first phase and an intensive local awareness movement in the second. He decided to hold a prayer chain which will start in May for a successful implementation of the movement.

Previously, CCEM President Reverend Vezopa Rhakho chaired the meeting. representatives of Chakhesang Public Organization, Chakhesang Youth Front, Chakhesang Student Union, Chakhesang Mothers Association and the Chairman of the Regional Council attended the meeting and gave their support At the move.

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