Carlisle United supporters trust CUOSC blaming ‘computer glitch’ for lost votes in election

The Carlisle United supporters’ trust blamed a computer glitch for ‘losing’ some of the votes cast in its board elections.

The CUOSC urged some fans to resubmit their votes.

They say the votes that were cast electronically on Thursday this week are gone.

Votes cast in previous days were unaffected by the issue, they pointed out.

The CUOSC disclosed the issue in an email to members today, ahead of their AGM later this month.

Their statement read: “Our Independent Returning Officer had a computer problem yesterday and as a result some of the votes cast electronically yesterday (and only yesterday, Thursday 7/21) were lost.


The CUOSC said the votes cast for the AGM resolutions were not affected, but they still asked fans to resubmit both votes, “so we can track who voted again today. ‘today’.

They said anyone registered as a voter for AGM resolutions on Thursday who does not resubmit their vote will be contacted independently to ensure their vote is submitted and recorded.

The CUOSC stressed that the issue did not affect anyone who voted between Sunday and Wednesday.

Similarly, votes submitted today – Friday – are unaffected, the trust said.

Neil Le Milliere of the Exeter City Trust acts as Independent Returning Officer for the CUOSC elections.

There are eight supporters vying for six positions on the board.

They include current board members Norman Steel and Billy Atkinson – the latter is CUOSC’s representative on the board of United’s Holdings.

Gerard Gornall is another election supporter – while five people from the new Unita Fortior group are also candidates.

They are Chris Armstrong, Matt Spooner, Dave Noble, Kieron Bulman and Dan MacLennan.

Candidates were told there was no “public campaigning” during the election period and those who broke the rule would be removed from the ballot.

Those standing have submitted statements for members to read via the CUOSC website at

Another CUOSC board member, Nigel Davidson, meanwhile commented on taking over as a trusted representative on United’s operating board in 1921.

He replaces Jim Mitchell, who resigned for health reasons.

Davidson, in a post on United’s website, said it was “incredible” to be on the board.

He said he would approach the job with “dedication and professionalism” and establish a “two-way relationship” between the supporters and the club.

“It’s a challenge to gather a base of supporters, but I’m looking forward to it,” he added. “We all basically have the same goal and that is to see Carlisle United succeed on and off the pitch.

“One thing I will say is that I will be available to speak to supporters on any subject within that jurisdiction.”

The upcoming CUOSC AGM comes amid recent tension between key trusted figures and Unita Fortior.

The latter group formed last winter in a bid to increase membership in the trust, saying the CUOSC had “stagnant”.

They went on to say, after expressing their frustration with a number of situations, “the only realistic way to change things within the CUOSC is to nominate candidates at the AGM ourselves”.

CUOSC board members Davidson and Frank Beattie then hit back at UF’s comments in a BBC Radio Cumbria interview.

They described the UF as a ‘Trojan horse’ designed to ‘crowd us out and sit in front of the directors of the football club’ – and alleged the new group was ‘divisive’.

The CUOSC AGM takes place on Sunday July 31st.

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