Boris Johnson enjoys chips in Whitley Bay during a pre-election Bank Holiday visit to the North East

Prime Minister Boris Johnson surprised Bank Holiday crowds in Whitley Bay when he stopped for chips on the seafront.

Mr Johnson walked into the Whitley Whaler chippy on Marine Avenue on Monday May 2, where he ordered a ‘little crisps’ before strolling along the promenade. The Conservative leader, who was on a pre-election visit to the North East, was spotted chatting with marchers outside Spanish City around 4pm.

Georgia Walker, owner of the Whitley Whaler chip shop for 11 years, said the Prime Minister’s visit was a complete surprise.

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“It was awesome,” she said. “It was a surprise, we didn’t know he was coming.

“He asked the staff how the business was and he was very friendly. The employee explained that we were battling high fish prices at the moment but were doing our best to reduce costs for customers.

“He was very pleasant and shook their hands. He was in Whitley Bay for about 20 minutes and walked along the new promenade in front of Spanish City and ate chips.

“He spoke to some people outside the chip shop and it was nice to see how excited the kids were about his visit.

“He received a welcome reception at Whitley Bay. His visit was not only good for our business, but also for the region.”

The Whitley Whaler said that although Mr Johnson was the first politician to enter their store, the business has welcomed celebrities through the doors over the years.

Georgia added: ‘Boris was our first political visitor, but we’ve had Robson Green and Vera movies in the store before!’

The Prime Minister’s visit to Whitley Bay followed a trip to Hartlepool earlier on Monday. As voters were due to go to the polls on Thursday, the Prime Minister toured the town’s power station with Hartlepool MP Jill Mortimer.

Boris Johnson and MP for Hartlepool Jill Mortimer visit apprentices at Hartlepool Power Station.
Boris Johnson and MP for Hartlepool Jill Mortimer visit apprentices at Hartlepool Power Station.

During his visit, Johnson said energy is one of the most important areas that must be prioritized to improve the economy.

When asked how he thought the Tories would fare polls On Thursday, Mr Johnson said the key was to look at what the party comes up with. He said there had been huge investment in the North East, adding: “You can really see investment coming into the North East by hand.

“What we’re talking about here today is dealing with the immediate issues, which are people’s energy bills and a long-term sustainable strategy.”

He said that at a time when budgets are under pressure, councils should keep local taxes as low as possible, while providing the best possible service, Live reports from Teesside. He said: “Conservatives fill four times the potholes and take out the bins twice as fast and offer better value for money and that’s what people should remember, the Conservatives are the tax of lowest possible dwelling for the best possible services.”

The Prime Minister said: “I think we are the only party, the only government in modern times, which is fanatically focused on delivering a leveling agenda. I think the UK can be the economy most profitable in Europe.

Boris Johnson during a visit to Hartlepool Power Station.
Boris Johnson during a visit to Hartlepool Power Station.

“We have already done a lot, but there is still a lot to do, but I think the agenda is right for the North East of the country. Well-paid and highly qualified jobs. We have pressure on the Cost of lifewe have pressure on family budgets, but the best response to that is high wages, high-skilled jobs.

“There are families now who are feeling the pressure of energy costs and fuel costs. This has all been dictated by global energy prices. You have to help them, you help them in all sorts of ways , with municipal tax refunds, individual payments, but you must ensure that the council has sufficient funds to help struggling families.

“We of course recognize that there will be families going through difficult times, but the best answer is well-paying jobs, what we also do is make sure that those families have someone working. We we’re very successful, actually, in getting people off welfare and into work.”

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