Barnaby Joyce drags Sydney into a rant about China and climate change

Barnaby Joyce gave Sydney absolute collage during a classic speech that spanned from China to climate change.

Barnaby Joyce delivered a brutal luge against Sydney in an extraordinary and impassioned spray on China and climate change.

The Deputy Prime Minister gave Harbor City a hideout during his campaign in Darwin on Saturday, arguing that Labour’s climate policies would hit people in the Top End.

The Business Council of Australia has backed Labour’s climate plans, but Mr Joyce continues to claim the carbon safeguard strategy amounts to a tax.

He urged people to “wake up”.

“You’re going to pay them the money and there’s something perverse about that because you’re the one who actually needs the money,” he told reporters.

“That’s where we need to grow, I know that.

“Maybe Labor should come up with a tax that goes the other way because they’ve got the Harbor Bridge, they’ve got the Opera House, they’ve got the parks, they’ve got the art galleries, they’ve got all this social infrastructure.

Mr. Joyce then moved from climate change to global conflict.

“This is where we need to invest because the future of our nation – and we see the geopolitical circumstances ahead of us, whether it’s in Ukraine or what the Chinese are trying to do – we need this place to grow as strong as possible as quickly as possible,” he said.

“Because we’re not going to defend the nation from an art gallery in Sydney, I can assure you of that.”

Mr Joyce and the National Party are desperate to win Lingiari’s seat in the NT after the resignation of Labor stalwart Warren Snowdon.

Lingiari, the largest constituency in the country, spans over a million square kilometres, covering almost all of the territory except Darwin and parts of Palmerston.

Labor won the seat by a 5.5% margin in the 2019 federal election.

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