Arizona GOP Senators Hire Companies, Including Controversial One, to Audit Presidential Votes | Arizona and area news

But Hobbs said if they insisted on moving forward, they would have to follow certain procedures to ensure that the ballots remain secure and that there is no chance that the marks on them could be changed. These include two-party surveillance with a live video feed.

“We’re going to do this full independent forensic audit with multiple layers of security checks, double checks, hand counting, you name it,” Fann said. “There’s no way anyone can laugh at us.”

There have been reviews of county election results in the past.

These included “logic and precision” tests performed on all equipment, both before and after voting, to ensure that the machines counted all the ballots correctly. There was also a legally required manual count of a random sample of ballots, selected by officials from both sides, which showed 100% correspondence with the machine count.

And when that did not satisfy Republican senators, the GOP-controlled oversight board hired two other companies to check the equipment and verify not only the programming, but also that they had not been hacked and n had not been connected to the Internet in a way that could change the votes.

The GOP senators then went to court and got a judge they felt they had the right to subpoena pretty much anything they wanted.

“We have a lot of our constituents, both R&D and independents in Arizona, who have a lot of questions about the 2020 election, and they’ve lost a lot of faith in our voter integrity system,” he said. declared Fann. “It is our job as a Senate: to answer questions and restore their confidence.

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