Absentee Voting Tips | News

KIMT NEWS 3.- County listeners prepare to receive mail-in ballots for the primary election in Iowa and the first congressional district primary election in Minnesota.

Katie Smith of Olmsted County says voters should receive their applications quickly. This allows more time for their ballot to be returned to the county. Smith recommends people also drop off their absentee ballot at the Olmsted County Elections Office or the Government Center Information Desk.

In Iowa, a voter can vote by mail at the county auditor’s office. They can also submit a written request to have the ballot mailed to them. The application must include the elector’s name, date of birth, current address and political party affiliation.

Smith shares with predictions about absentee voting this year.

“We were already seeing kind of a natural inclination for mail-in voting as it went from having an excuse to vote by mail to anyone can vote by mail in 2014, so we expect it continues to rise. We may not see the volumes of it that we saw in 2020 with the pandemic, but it’s still a popular option with some people.”

Olmsted County also offers curbside voting. Anyone wishing to vote in their car can drive to the government center and be assisted by an election judge.

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