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Promotional posters for the Southern District candidate for the Dubbo Regional Council, Shibli Chowdhury, have gone missing, in what he called an “immature” act on the part of people showing disrespect. He said as many as five corflutes had been taken from private households in southern Dubbo since he announced his candidacy, the most recent having disappeared from Magnolia Estate over the weekend. “I had put one at a friend’s house in Magnolia, he stayed there for a few days, then I noticed it was missing when I walked past it while I was doing a mailbox deposit,” he said. he told the Daily Liberal. “I thought the wind might have blown him away, so my friends and I went looking for him, we couldn’t find any sign of it.” READ ALSO: Mr Chowdhury said the fact that a number of people are missing in different areas leads him to believe that someone or more is doing it on purpose. The first two disappeared at different addresses in the Southlakes Estate on different dates, and another disappeared from the Keswick Estate before the Magnolia Estate poster disappeared. “They disappeared from different places, I think that’s an immature attitude,” he said. “As an independent it’s tough because everything is being spent under the tight budget we have for this election and any loss will cost us.” I can’t afford to reprint more. Mr. Chowdhury had 50 of the corflutes printed at a cost of almost $ 800. “This is my first time running (in a local government election). I was very well received by the community and Dubbo has given me a lot, and I’m trying to give back to this community. “We really try to help people and when that kind of silly thing happens it costs money but also makes you feel bad.” Mr. Chowdhury came to Dubbo from Bangladesh via Sydney. He is involved with the Dubbo Multicultural Group, the Dubbo Macquarie Rotary Club, the RDA Orana Migration Settlement Committee, Clean Up Australia Day and the Dubbo Health Council. “Ma wife and I raised our family here and sent our kids to school here, “he said.” We love this community and I’ve always thought that if you think you can make a difference you should have a crack. ”He said he thought the corflutes had been stolen and that this “shows a lack of respect and maturity of some people involved in the election.” “I don’t know who you are, but I ask you to put them back in the right place.” For some reason people obviously see me as a threat to their ambitions, which is disappointing. Hopefully voters will see through this even though they may not be able to see a few of my corflutes in town. up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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