a 1975 EU election poster and jug celebrating Gladstone’s victory

An original vintage election propaganda poster for the 1975 EU Membership Referendum which will be offered at Antik Bar with an estimate of £ 120-240.

The official start of the election period began yesterday when Prime Minister Boris Johnson met the Queen at Buckingham Palace ahead of the December 12 vote.

With Brexit at the forefront of voters’ concerns, collectors may want to bid on an original vintage election propaganda poster for the 1975 EU membership referendum.

Offered at the AntikBar auction house in London on November 16, the poster features an image of a Union Jack flag on an ostrich with its head buried in the sand and the statement Europe Support your Local Continent Vote Yes.

This original EU referendum took place on June 5, 1975: under the provisions of the Referendum Act by the Labor government led by Prime Minister Harold Wilson (1916-95). It was not a binding result but the poll resulted in 67.2% yes and 32.8% leaving Europe.

The 17.5 x 11 inch (44.5 x 28.5 cm) poster is estimated at £ 120-240.

View and bid for this vintage European Union election poster from 1975 at thesaleroom.com.

This lot will appeal to those with a liberal streak. The 19e Century Doulton Lambeth inscribed stoneware jug Election of Leeds 1880 Rt Hon W Gladstone is decorated with a portrait of William Gladstone. The Liberals got one of their biggest majorities ever in this election, and Liberal leaders Lord Hartington and Lord Granville pulled out in favor of Gladstone, who became prime minister for the second time. It was the last election where the Liberals, or any party other than the Conservatives, won a majority of the votes cast in a general election.

This jug will be offered at a pottery auction in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, in a three-day sale from November 8-10.

View and bid for the 9.5 inch (24cm) Gladstone Election Jug at thesaleroom.com.

Simulated election leaflet.jpg

A 19th-century satirical swarm – a historic poster – advertising a farce called The Simulated Election.

This 19e satirical line of the century – a historical poster – announces a farce called the Mock election in Weymouth which will be performed by the Cumberland Company of Players.

The sheet comes with other ephemeral items (ephemeral written and printed material) and is estimated at £ 400-600 at Forum Auctions’ November 21 sale in London. Watch and bid for this satirical banner advertising a simulated election prank at thesaleroom.com.

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