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Twenty-nine of Missouri’s 123 state representatives seeking re-election – 13 Democrats and 16 Republicans – face contested primaries. That equates to 24% of incumbents seeking re-election to the Missouri House of Representatives, the highest rate since 2014. The remaining 76% of incumbents do not face major challengers.

A primary is contested when there are more candidates running than available nominations, which means that at least one candidate must lose. Historically, however, Missouri incumbents have tended to win contested primaries.

Since 2014, only five state representatives — three Democrats and two Republicans — have lost to Missouri’s main challengers. This means that during this period, 93% of contested primaries ultimately qualified for the general election.

This year, at least one House incumbent is guaranteed to lose. Two Democratic incumbents—Reps. Mike Nobody (D) and Raychel Proudie (D) – were drawn into the same district of the St. Louis area during the redistricting process. Only one will qualify for the general election.

The total number of contested primaries, including those without incumbents, is also up this year, though lower than in 2018. With 163 House districts holding elections, there are 326 possible primaries in each election cycle.

This year, there are 56 contested primaries in the House—15 Democratic primaries and 41 for Republicans. For Democrats, that’s down from 18 in 2020, a drop of 17%. For Republicans, the number increased by 21%, from 34 in 2020 to 41 in 2022.

The deadline for filing candidates for the Missouri House of Representatives was March 29. Candidates filed for all 163 districts in the state.

Forty-one of those districts remained open, meaning no incumbents showed up to run, a lower figure than in recent cycles. The decline comes as fewer lawmakers face duration limits preventing them from seeking re-election compared to recent election cycles.

In 2018, 44 representatives had term limits and 34 faced term limits in 2020. In both cycles, the Missouri House of Representatives was the lower house most affected by term limits out of the 15 with term limits. national scale. This year, 14 lawmakers faced term limits.

A total of 361 major-party candidates have run to run for the House in 2022: 114 Democrats and 192 Republicans.

Missouri has been a Republican trifecta since the party won the governorship in 2016. Republicans currently hold a 24-10 majority in the Senate and a 108-48 majority in the House.

The Missouri primaries are scheduled for August 2, the tenth statewide primary date of the 2022 state legislative election cycle.

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